What was the purpose and intent of this music as viewed by the people who created it?

Essay 2: Protest SongsThere is another genre of songs that bears looking at. These are songs that have a “social consciousness” They can serve as a critique of the status quo, pointing out the flaws in the accepted order or they can be a call to action, a rallying cry to confront injustice– “speak truth to power” as the saying goes. At their best, they can unify people around a cause, give hope and courage in the face of adversity and allow the most downtrodden to have a voice. At their worst, they can be political propaganda . Either way, they can have great influence on people, and thus on the society they come from.In my day, the 1960s, we had plenty of these. Here is a good article for you to read about that:https://ap.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/sixties/essays/protest-music-1960sWe live in times as uncertain in their own way as those days of my youth. For this essay I want you to find two examples of contemporary songs that have a social context; either protesting or just commenting on current social issues, offering comfort and inspiration or maybe even blatant political propagandizing.1. What “social consciousness” is reflected in this music? Cite at least 2 specific examples to make your point.2. What was the purpose and intent of this music as viewed by the people who created it?3. Do you think it had a positive effect? Or negative? Or no effect?1000 words in length and include a complete bibliography as well as proper footnotes for all sources consulted. It must be formatted as MSWord file or some compatible type of word processing program.