Whole genome sequence of Staphylococcus rostri DSM21969

This project is in MSc biomedical science and depends on Oxford nanopore sequence with MinION and bioinformatics tool, which were used is canu, nanpolish from albacore. This aims of this study are : 1- Generate complete genome sequence by using MinIon sequence( main aim) 2- apply antibiotics susceptibilities testing (side aim) 3- identify virulece factor and resistance gene by using NCBI, BLAST, Islandveiwer and VFDB. To date there have been no studies investigating antibiotic resistance gene profiles of S. rostri obtained from bigs, and there is no evidence of its pathogenicity in humans. Nevertheless, a determination of the genetic basis to multidrug resistance demonstrated by S. rostri by whole genome sequencing could provide more information regarding the expression of resistance genes and those encoding virulence factors by S. rostri. Overall, the study to be relayed in following chapters may provide an insight into whether, as Stegmann and Perreten (2010) suggest, S. rostri potentially provides a reservoir of resistance genes for pathogenic staphylococci. Therefore, the aims of the project are determining the whole genome sequence of S. rostri strain ARI 602 (DSM21969), providing an antibiotic susceptibility profile of S. rostri strain ARI 602 (DSM21969), identifying virulence genes in S. rostri strain ARI 602 (DSM21969) and comparing the genome of S. rostri strain ARI 602 (DSM21969) with the other genotype.