Why do you think the current reward system is not working properly?

1. The General Manager for the New York Mets (NYM) has requested your Performance Management Services. He is having some problems with players that he has been unable to manage. In particular, he says that his players lack a sense of “team work ethic”. The players do not show up to practice on time, they do not speak to each other in the locker room, etc. He believes this lack of togetherness is contributing to their recent losing streak. The manager has already tried punishing the players with huge monetary fines for showing up late, but nothing seems to work. He needs to see his players acting more like a team. What would you do to increase the NYM’s sense of team unity?. 2. The CEO of a major automotive company has contacted you because the company has had an increase in demand for their newest SUV model. Although the company has been able to increase the number of SUV’s produced by their production line, the quality of the SUV’s has decreased. The CEO is very confused by this. He says that the company offers large incentives for meeting their productivity goals and he assumes the employees would be happy because they receive such rewards. You’ve been called in because the automobile company wants your help in designing an intervention to help increase productivity of the SUV’s in their Detroit manufacturing plant without decreasing quality of the SUV’s. What would you recommend? Why do you think the current reward system is not working properly?