Write a brief ethnography of the Akan people (ethnic group of West Africa) and their naming traditions and baby naming ceremonies.

-Write a brief ethnography of the Akan people. (ex. population, regions, language, religion) – Main part: Write about their naming tradition 1) describe the baby naming ceremony of the group 2) discuss special names within this culture (e.g., twins, or those who are born following the death of a previous child in the family, etc.) 3) elaborate on the context of the naming ceremony, including, who names the child, and if there are any discernable naming patterns. 4) include a list of 20 traditional Akan names and their meanings (10 female, 10 males, may include some unisex names too). Please indicate which are females and males or unisex and their meanings or translations. 5) Bibliography Please use mainly textbooks or African ethnographies, scholar journals, and a few internet websites.