Write a Movie Review of Social Entrepreneur.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you connect the dots between sales and negotiations with autobiographical accounts of entrepreneurs with a social change agenda.You can choose one of these movies if you have a preference or already watched it:JoyA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Mr. Rogers)Erin BrokovichSelf Made (C.J Walker) – NetflixPursuit of Happiness (Chris Gardner)Your movie review should cover the following aspects: Why did you pick this person and how do you see them as a social entrepreneur?How did the social entrepreneur overcome his/her own stigmas and challenges towards sales/negotiations/success? (Think of the Ask Outrageously book)How did the social entrepreneur challenge conventional societal views about ‘selling’ to further their cause? (Think about the To Sell is Human book)Where did you find examples of applying sales or negation skills in the story? (Think of the Getting to Yes book and/or Chapters from our HBR text on Negotiations)Are their other class connections that you can make? For example, in-class exercises, guest speakers, or your Sales Project journey? (for this you can mention in-class activities where we negotiated prices of objects with another student, explain sales rebellion from guest speaker Dale Dupree (introduce the guest speaker’s name and explain sales rebellion e.g. More knowledge came when Dale Dupree came to class and explain how sales rebellion […explain as you want…], guest speaker Pete Dalmazzi, says that we have to do things we want.