Write a paper Valuing and Providing a Fiscal Justification for Nursing Tuition Reimbursement

This assignment will help you explore how hospitals are making cutbacks in spending. One of the areas marked for cutbacks is monies used for continuing education. Nursing leaders are being asked to justify these costs. You are a nursing leader in a hospital or a healthcare facility. The chief financial officer (CFO) has told you that unless you can develop a fiscal rationale, the hospital will no longer pay for tuition reimbursement and professional certification of nurses. Develop a 4- to 5-page proposal that addresses the following: 1. The cost of these programs versus the return on investment for the hospital. 2. The return on investment for a nurse going to school. For instance, if you send a nurse manager to get his or her masters, how can you track that he or she is a better leader? 3. The argument and position, which includes the cost of education versus the benefit to the hospital.