Write a research paper about should we have laws to prevent profiting, selling, or quid pro quo of personal user. data?

Todays’ technology has been the new trend of all times. It is used by many people today including young children. Even though technology has been existing for decades now, it has never been so advanced and popular the way it is now. Today we use technology for everything and anything. Whether it is to check up on a family member, to pay a bill, or even to track down where your vehicle is. However, technology has been so advanced that now your phone, is capable of being your car key and your wallet all in one device. It’s impressive, but the unfortunate part, is that not many realize the issue that it carries along. Even though it becomes easier to carry your wallet in your phone, what no one realizes, is that your personal information becomes available to various of different branches. When you connect your personal information to a cellular device, your information becomes available to anyone that can access it. However, that is not all, even thought consumers might believe that their “privacy” is being kept in private, researchers have showed otherwise. As data is being collected, transnational data can be easily be re-identified in a matter of seconds. It is important that consumers know that their privacy can become easily accessible despite what new cellular device you have.