Write a Resource Journal, Appropriate Strategies and Best Practices for Teaching Language Arts, List of Technology Resources, Graphic or Visual.

Each one of these are different topics:1. Resource JournalCreate a Resource Journal that includes various language arts elements, ideas, and strategies generated in this course. Include ideas and strategies gathered from the readings and discussions, as well as content you create in activities and assignments. As you add information to your journal, focus on the grade level and theme for your Culminating Project. Note: You may incorporate the material you have created and collected in your Resource Journal into your Culminating Project: Language Arts Thematic Unit. You will turn in the completed Resource Journal along with your Culminating Project in Workshop 4. Submit the initial entries for instructor approval.2. Appropriate Strategies and Best Practices for Teaching Language Arts:Use the Internet to research the topic of appropriate strategies and best practices for teaching language arts. Create a list of your findings. Rank the list according to importance and provide rationale for the top five strategies or best practices. Add this list to your Resource Journal.3. List of Technology Resources:Brainstorm technology resources you have used or want to use in your language arts classroom. Develop a list of technology resources available in your school that you could use in your lessons. Include at least two web-based resources. Add this list to your Resource Journal.4. Graphic or Visual:Research strategies for using speech and listening as a learning tool in your classroom. Create a graphic or visual organizer to display your findings. Add the graphic or visual organizer to your Resource Journal.This course id based on this book: TextbookTompkins, G. E. (2015). Language arts: Patterns of practice (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.