Write a summary of the effects of exercise on a specific aspect of health.

Summarize what is known about the effects of exercise on a specific aspect of health. Here are some examples of topics you could choose: effect of weight training on bone health, effect of exercise on cancer risk, effect of HIIT training on immunity, impact of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome on athletic performance. You should pick a topic that is specific enough that you can dig deep, but not so unique that you won’t be able to find information about it. Your paper should address the physiological mechanisms that link your topic with exercise. For example, it is not sufficient to just present prevalence or epidemiological data (e.g. exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis by xx%). You need to address how the exercise impacts body cells, tissues, and systems. You can present some data on prevalence, but it should be used as introductory. Most of your writing should focus on mechanisms. You may find that there are two or three proposed mechanisms, and in some cases, there isn’t yet a clear consensus on which one is most important.