Write an essay comparing and contrasting gender inequality and migration within both Guatemala and Cuba.

Write an essay comparing and contrasting gender inequality and migration within both Guatemala and Cuba. You must add anthropological perspectives/insight within your explanation, as this is for an Anthropology course. The introduction should state a clear thesis in the end, the first body paragraph should speak about Guatemala and how in their country, there is gender inequality and migration, dating back to decades ago, you should go in-depth about the matters of gender inequality and migration (explaining what they mean, what they cause, how it affects the people living there etc..) The second body paragraph should do the same but this time, for Cuba. The third body paragraph should now compare how Guatemala and Cuba fall to be similar when it comes to gender inequality and migration. Another paragraph should speak about how they are different. Lastly, the final paragraph should be a conclusion that sums up what was spoken about. This essay really just digs into the history of Guatemala and Cuba in terms of Gender Inequality and migration experienced in their country — throughout the years. The two countries vary in Gender Inequality and Migration, the point of this essay is to show that, but also how they compare. Gender Inequality and Migration are very crucial concepts within Guatemala and Cuba, and their history shows this. The paragraphs should use footnotes of evidence that you find in the filed sources I’ve attached. This essay is required to include two books, one for Guatemala and one for Cuba that was used in the course. Quotes/Evidence from these two books should be cited in your writing. 1) Kahn, Hilary E. (2006) Seeing and Being Seen – For Guatemala 2) De la Fuente, Alejandro (2001) A Nation for All: Race, Inequality, and Politics in Twentieth-Century Cuba – for Cuba I will attach the two ethnographic books as files. – For Conceiving Cuba, I have attached two chapters. On top of having to use these two books, other articles that we used in class have to be utilized to get the topic across. I will upload these sources as files as well. – The other articles I have attached as files, on top of the 2 required books, are labeled to be in support for either Guatemala or Cuba, to help you. Pick whatever evidence from whichever further source you think is best. – one file is labeled “Source that speaks about gender’ because you can use a quote from that specific literature piece if you feel it is necessary to support your words on gender inequality. – The two books are absolutely required within the paragraphs (must be cited) – with the other sources, you can choose whichever article furthermore strengthens your points.