Write an essay examining the Challenges Women face as they make their bid for the Prime Ministers Office in Caribbean Politics.

Topic: Examining the Challenges Women face as they make their bid for the Prime Ministers Office in Caribbean Politics. The concept map will better help me write my literature review in an organized manner that is aligned with my theoretical framework. The following items should be included in a strong dissertation literature review rooted in feminist theory: 1. A brief statement of my topic 2. An introduction to the organization of my literature review 3. Identification of my chosen theoretical framework (defines feminist theory, identifies key feminist theorists, history of feminist theory) 4. Specification of key feminist theoretical principles to be applied to my research topic, organized around conceptual subheadings 5. Identification of conflicts and controversies in the literature 6. Identification of gaps in the existing literature 7. In the last paragraph only, an explanation of how my proposed study connects to existing literature A holistic view of my developing concept map will allow me to view concepts that may or may not fit with my feminist theoretical framework. What aspects of my research question have not yet been addressed on my map? What connections are weak or need additional detail? Does the feminist theoretical model, the exterior elevation blueprint, fit with the drawings interior blueprint as I imagined it? Does each space of the proverbial house to be built have an intended purpose and rationale for being there? My dissertation committee should help me evaluate the feasibility of my plan and approach for my dissertation. Literature Review. Key topics will include the history of women involvement in Caribbean politics, the challenges women face (cultural, social, political and psychological challenges), womens leadership in the Caribbean, inequality in the political world, inequality in Caribbean politics, women and the democratic process in the Caribbean and the roles of women in Caribbean politics. Figure 1 displays an example of a concept map for Nevilles topic. Theoretical Framework. Feminist Theory. Key theoretical principles include gender discrimination; social, institutional, educational, financial and political factors influencing womens position in society; oppression, religion and inequality of women; hegemony; and patriarchy. Conceptual Framework. Gender socialization in the field of politics, womens professional experiences in the field of politics, male dominance of leadership in Caribbean politics, political parties, and governments organizations within political structures. Feminist Theory Figure 1 Theorists: De Beauvoir (1949), Friedan (1963), Lorde (1976), Power (2004)
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