Write an essay on Post conflict reconstruction in Iraq-Metro Baghdad Project

Aim: The main aim of the dissertation is to discuss the initiation of the effective post-conflict reconstruction for the infrastructure in Iraq, starting with Metro Baghdad project. Objectives: The objectives mentioned below are listed to achieve the aim of the dissertation and response to the key dissertation question: To evaluate the post-conflict infrastructure situation in Baghdad city, including assessment both for existing and proposed projects. To examine the impact of external and internal stakeholders and their attitudes toward the project of Metro Baghdad. To investigate how would the internal stakeholders take the advantages of the support and overcome the barriers to initiate the Metro project. Key Research Question: How can the Iraq initiate the effective infrastructure reconstruction starting with Metro Baghdad project? Accordingly, the methods are questionnaire and case studies. This chapter subtitles should be as the following: Introduction (Ive already written it just leave it blank please) Research Strategy (also written) Research design (also written) Research Method Literature review Questionnaire Surveys Sampling Pilot Study Monkey Survey Response Rate ethics Analysis Result: Qualitative Data Here is the questionnaire: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/FDWFY/