Write husbandry guidelines for a determined species

Coursework Assessment Resit detail This assessment consists of an essay composed in 2000 words or less and contributing 60% to the module mark. You will choose a species (from the list below) for which there are known welfare issues in captivity. Your task is to write a husbandry guide for the species giving recommendations for the optimum welfare of this species, based not on traditional husbandry, but on animal welfare science. The guide should be composed in sections with the following titles: 1. Literature review – Natural behaviour and ethological needs 2. Current husbandry and welfare issues 3. Recommendations (relating to the issues which you have identified in 1 and 2) Choose one of the following animals: Aquariumhoused cetaceans Egg producing chickens (caged) Dairy cows Racing greyhounds Zoo-housed big cats Race horses and other performance horses Pet parrots Captive reptiles or amphibians