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First Thing is that the synopsis has beginning, middle, and end. Secondly its full spoiler sysnosis. Anyway here it is: A Group of survivalists use their reincarnated spirits for mission and tasks to survive . But is it really worth it. Synopsis With spoilers: In 2018, at a broken down storage facility in California. Richard aka Lupus a armor wolf warrior, and Lucas aka Trono a armor thunder warrior, who are on their first mission to retrieve a create at a abandon storage facility for their boss, Mr. Tyrus Tee. Richard(Lupus) and Lucas(Trono) hope that this storage number 48, has a create that can lead to some answers on why their parents were assassinate by unknown assailants, the unkown was Tyrus Tee reincartion of his hybrid Enerexia use his energy blast to kill Lucas and Richard Mom and Dad, but the one that saved young Richard and Lucas was also Tyrus in younger form, all of this on Aug 1 .Tyrus was also tying to this book artifact with all the reincarted spirits but before Tyrus Tee father, Tyrus Tee Sr. Destroyed the book and the reincarted balls fall into warp gates only a few stay behind with Tyrus Tee Jr in 1967, after his father came from Apollo they found book from the moon, the scientists supposedly kept it in vault, but the book never made it , but in 2018, Glen Tee also gave info to Tyrus Tee Jr that Parker Robinson knows of another book in a abondon storage facility in California. Also Tyrus wanted take the two forcibly if the has to, but Evelyn and Robert decline and kicked out Tyrus Tee, he left card if Evelyn and Robert minds. Tyrus also comes to conclusion to also absorb Parker Robinson reincarnated spirit(Herbe) grass armor spar warrior along with Lupus and Trono essences as well, to take on Charlie West, but nobody knows, not even his wife Rachel, whom he is tying to absorb her hybrid also, since Tyrus Tee energy absorb his father Tyrus Tee I Tyrus as the energy essences of his father, Tyrus Tee age is exactly 72 years old inside a 31 year old, only one knows that is Charlie West. This create holds the secrets of the were reincarnated spirits history and information on to find the rest of the spirits. But this also this holds a flash drive to finding Tyrus Tee best friend Parker Robinson. But Lupus and Trono were soon attack from two assailants from another wrap gate. Lant a armor chainsaw lance combine weapon, and Follet a armor goblin warrior were also their to take the create back to their boss Charlie West. Lant(Isaac) and Follet(Tyson) are both under force control by Charlie West. Lant(Isaac) and Follet(Tyson) has their families either persuaded or capture in a hidden area under Charlie West head quarters, with of Fuu(Eddie) a dragon warrior. Charlie West his Cab a armor parasite warrior to mind control Thomas(Torden) thunder board armor warrior and Larry(Lysing) a lighting armor with two dagger. They fight but ultimately Lant and Follet beat them and mange to get the create and take it back to Tyrus Tee. Rachel Tee, Tyrus Tee wife, awakes to some sort abandon flowers facility of some kind. She remembers the rent a car app to take her home. Rachel sees three people come out of big automatic door. Thomas(Torden) thunder board armor warrior and Larry(Lysing) a lighting armor with two dagger are brothers who under mind control of Charlie West. Rachel notices one of them but not the other two. West sends his regards” Suzie said. Rachel begins to run towards three while transforming into her reincarnated spirit trava, but was overpowered by Suzie renicarted spirit Bar. Before the three take Rachel, Suzie told her to make one phone call. Tyrus Tee back at headquarters when he gets a call from his old brother Glen Tee. Charlie West goons has your wife” said Glen, as Lupus and Trono come from their mission. Tyrus Tee reminiscing on how he recruit Renn into his experiment that Renn does not know about. So Charlie sent RJ Moller to Ren Ball home, in the out in the country of a Indiana Farm, to destroy Jack and family, but not before getting information about Tyrus Tee create. Ren and his Father Paula Bell was immediately attack by RJ Moller renicarted spirit, Nar a grass armor warrior, and before Ren knew what was going, Ren was attack by, and lost his legs in the process. Before passing out he sees a figure fighting, which Tyrus Tee reincarted spirit, cause got the call saying that Bill is died and now Charlie is coming for me. Tyrus Tee told Jack becareful. Tyrus Tee told the awoke and disgruntled Ren that your father has pass, but I know where the assailant RJ Moller is at. A bar, that Charlie west rented out for him in mission accomplishment. RJ(Nar) and Renn (Tume) a dark armor warrior, went ultimately killing RJ(Nar), but not before RJ sent out coordinates to Charlie West Group. And Tyrus Tee group, both are unaware of on what the collision is about to happen. Renn told Tyrus what is my next mission. When Tyrus gets a call from his brother Glen, telling Tyrus that Rachel has been kidnapped by three of Charlie West lackeys So Lupus and Trono head to coordinates and get Rachel back. Are you tells what is in create replied Trono. Is Stephanie coming said Lupus. Stephanie on mission, and what inside the create will come in no time replied Tyrus Tee. Stephanie was on a mission to get the informant back to boss Tyrus tee, to find out where Charlie west hidden vault. Now go and save my wife. Oh and one thing you thirty minutes before my brother brings in the police. With the info Lupus and Trono go to a abondon flower facility. The duo battle Suzie and Thomas, and Larry and their mind control parasite larva comes out of their ear. As they Lupus, Trono, and Trava, Bar, and Lysing begin to recuperate. Charlie West goon Fuu shows ready to not let them leave. Charlie West is in deep thought on what has Conspired him to kill his brother and started this crusade against Tyrus Tee. Before Lupus and Trono first mission. Charlie West murder his brother, Bill West, in their mother garden facility for conspiring against him with Tyrus Tee and Rachel Tee. Before Bill gets murder, he sent a coded message to Glen Tee, the brother of Tyrus Tee. That Charlie West was coming for that create. After Charlie kills brother, not before Charlie notice a warp was closing. Charlie realize Bill sent something as Bill final words. And Tyrus Tee also finds from, Tyrus brother Glen in a secret text to kill Charlie and Tyrus wife Rachel, and them both reincarted zombie slaves, bond to work for tyrus forever. As Lant and Follet is back from their failed mission. After they rescue from Mommy Ginna Tee from the trailer three. Doug aka Trono asked Tyrus why was Charlie west man in at the storage facility and kidnapped Mommy Ginna. Tyrus Tee opens the create to show the 46 sciensts book of the hybrids past. The other book was but one name. Doug thought you had the book. Tyrus Tee said when they first met, i told you this create will give you information about the assaination hybrid of your parents deaths. that a group of spaceship including tyrus tee father and chris west at the time 21 and his father Rob west along with my tyrus and glen father Johnston Tee were one of the first ones to land on the moon in 1969. But what they discover was that they found a book that said our heritage. Johnston Tee open the book and it explain that these hybrids or spirits were magic balls that grew into armour spirits that live in peace and harmony. They spirits had their own calendar base on months year. They would use their powers to build use things no violently With advance technology. Until the hybrids use a telescope to discover humans on a green planet next to them. They begin to training, but despite their effeorts. The spirits started to revert back into magic ball. Their 46 that were a apart this project to go to the moon for the travel to the moon. But 1969 were we discover the book. Uncle Tyrus Tee told the bothers when I told you guys would be separate or i could be your guys. The one thing that had peace, that we did not have any conflict until the humans showed. When we picked up the book in 1969 on magic ball had my name on it and Charlies name on it. When gave it to scientists, they could not explain it, so hid away. The some of the pictures were blank. Except Lupus, Trono, Fire warrior And some of pages went missing. When Richard picked the book a capable of pages show up to. One of 46 scientists killed my fathers wife, and confronted Johnston Tee. The sciensts told my father in 49 years I will be back for that book, if you want revenge for the death of your wife you better catch me, then he wrapped out, along with younger verison of Charlie West. But they left the book with six blank pages. Johnston gave Me in Richard the book took the book but some of pages went missing and the guard has been murder. But charlie west wants the book and the wereabouts of Richard to find him Ever since then we been living a normal lives until The death of your parents in a house explosion Lupus & Trono family Some of us would use this power for self powers The hybrid was calling on you. In your dreams, nightmares, it was their seeking you out. Your father told me that Charlie would come back for this back to use the humans as pawns. Charlie has leveage on some of these hybrids to do Their bitting. They have flash drive to go to richard. But glen got the information to charlie west hideout on an invisible fortess around trees and forests. Commindes Glen then showed Tyrus showed a carmera of the Shark hybrid and molly bying a ticket to enter in this close off park. Glen said you have about two hours. The police would go in taking that closed partk apart. So tyrus tee gave cooridinates to stephanie, lupus, and trono to get molly back defeat. Charlie west killed on tyrus tee friends and Charlie West brother. Inviting him over for one final dinner before fighting and killing him.
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